Minsk World

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Belarus , Minsk , Oktyabrsky district, Aerodromnaya str.

Minsk World

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Dana Holdings Company proudly presents its new project. The entirely new international, financial, business, entertainment and residential complex, located in the heart of Belarusian capital. It attracts to Minsk local and foreign investors, entrepreneurs, residents and tourists.

Minsk World complex will strengthen the growing role of Belarus, as a bridge between Europe and dynamically developing economies of Russia, Eastern and Asian countries. It acts as a catalyst for sustainable Minsk development and Belarusian, Russian and the Eurasian Economic Union economics.

International Financial Centre is going to become the driving force of the project and the main economic factor of Minsk World complex, reinforcing the global role of the Republic of Belarus.

Sustainable growth and the increasing prosperity lie at the heart of our vision for Minsk World.

Minsk World complex consists of 24 residential quarters that were named in honor of different countries, people and achievements.

The first quarter is called Emirates. The inspiration to create Emirates quarter was taken from the progressive architecture of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The green living of Minsk World is supported by the new city park that will be at the center of the project.  The system of pedestrian zones and vast green areas will connect the park with the new urban ecofriendly environment where contemporary and historic designs are fused into one.

Busy streets and residential areas will possess a highly developed and completed infrastructure including social, cultural and educational facilities, as well as transportation including the new metro line.

Minsk World with its modern boulevards, running along the main residential areas, comprising walkways and cycling tracks, as well as equipped playgrounds, is going to become the great place for promenades and recreation for both residents and visitors of Minsk.

Minsk World. My city. My world 


Belarus , Minsk , Oktyabrsky district, Aerodromnaya str.