Mission and goals

The world around us is constantly changing. For the company's further prosperity, we are to look forward; to follow the trends and factors that will determine our company in the future, and to respond quickly to changes in order to prepare for what lies ahead.


The courage to build a better future by being truly committed to our business with heart and soul. The ability to listen, watch and learn from our client, partners and competitors in the market.


The work where our employees are motivated to be the best in their field. We believe that our employees are the most important asset of our company. The strong competitive advantage of our company are highly skilled workers. Employees' education and training is an important element in improving productivity, contributing to successful project implementation that Dana Holdings and its clients can be proud of.

Project Portfolio

We offer our clients a diverse portfolio of quality development projects where they can live, work, shop and tend to all entertainment and educational needs in one single location.


Clients and suppliers network — together we create long lasting values.


Our goal is to be a highly efficient, economical and dynamic organization that improves its projects by implementing existing technologies and methods.


We believe that innovation is the key to the success of future development. All innovations are based on changes introduced through self-initiative and persistent desire to develop and improve methods for solving old and new problems. We aim to inspire you through our cooperation.


To be a responsible company that contributes to the environment through the development and maintenance of environmentally sustainable residential complexes. Our philosophy is to be involved in life of our residential areas we work in, and to constantly increase our contribution in their development.