About the company

business center Dana Center
Belarus, Minsk

“BK Group” represent the group of leading and fully integrated companies in the area of investments and real estate construction. We conduct investments, building and operation activities of the residential, industrial, retail, educational and multifunctional objects, as well as the public-private partnership in the countries with emerging markets. In the early 80's we were one of the first foreign companies to recognize the potential of these markets and to establish its presence on them. During this time "BK Group" successfully completed more than 1 000 projects with a total build up area over than 30 million square meters. Today we build more then 4.7 million m2. With the total cost of 13 billion dollars.In the future we are planning to build another 4 million square meters of the total cost of 10 billion dollars. More than 30 000 people in different countries work in the "BK Group" structure.